The Author

BARBARA YATES ROTHWELL lived, married and brought up six children in Surrey, England, before emigrating to Western Australia in 1974 with her musician husband and their two youngest daughters. Her other children arrived in Australia in due course.

She was for ten years in the 1980s a music reviewer for The West Australian newspaper. Having successfully written and sold innumerable short stories and articles to major magazines in several countries, Barbara decided to branch out into novel writing. Longman Cheshire published her teenage historical novel, THE BOY FROM THE HULKS, in 1994, and in 1998 her historical novel DUTCH POINT was published privately in England.

In 2004 she joined forces with Trafford Publishing (Canada) to produce COULTER VALLEY, an Australian story tracing the effects on a family of artists of a despotic father; and in 2005 the same cooperation produced KLARA, fiction based on fact, the story of a German Jewess who, forced to leave Nazi Germany, was sponsored by an English family.

You held on to your reason for all those years - don’t start now to think with your heart. It will get you nowhere.
— Klara

RIPPLE IN THE REEDS (2006) tells the story of a French girl, who marries against her parents' wishes and finds herself in wartime Germany. A new life awaits her in Australia - until the past catches up.

NO TIME FOR PITY - And other tales [A short story collection] was published in 2008, and a second anthology, STAND FAST is due out in late 2009.

Barbara was a journalist in the UK for several years, as Women's Page Editor for a large group of weekly papers in the south of England, and as a free-lance. She has written two full-length and several one-act plays, performed in community theatres in Western Australia and New South Wales.



Writing professionally from 1965 to 2016.  Short stories, novels, articles, celebrity interviews. Freelance and staff journalism.

Columnist and then Women's Page Editor for East Surrey Newspapers (19  regional weeklies)  in UK from 1966 to 1972.

International musicians interviewed: Andre Previn; Sir Adrian Boult; Sir Yehudi Menuhin; sir Andrew Davis; Eileen Joyce.

Actors: Dame Sybil Thirndike; Eleanor Summerfield; Bill Travers; Edward Evans;  Sir Harry Secombe. 

Scientist: Sir Barnes Wallis (dam-busting bomb and airships); Sir David Attenborough.

Politics: Baroness Barbara Wooton.(UK House of Lords).

Short stories appeared in Good Housekeeping; SHE; ITA; People's Friend; Woman's Day; Woman's Realm;  Australian Women's Weekly; etc. and in other magazines in UK, Australasia, Europe in translation, South Africa and Dubai.

Music education: Associate of the Royal College of Music (ARCM). In 1954.

In Australia: 1980-90: music reviewer for The West Australian newspapers.

In 1982 started and for a while conducted the choir which became the Wanneroo Civic Choir. and celebrated 35 years of singing in 2017.

1976: Founded and for 8 years ran the Yanchep Community School.

Began writing novels in the 1990s.